Understanding Rate Negotiations

June 18, 2019 ShipSigma

understanding rate negotiations

Considerations For Rate Negotiations

Understanding carrier contract negotiation is important for every business that ships their goods. When looking over your carrier’s shipping rates there are many factors that can impact your shipment costs that need to be considered. Everything from dimensional-weight surcharges, large package surcharges, extra handling etc. There can be a hundreds of different types of rates and surcharges to look over within a single shipping contract. Being knowledgeable about these terms will help you achieve the best pricing for your shipments.

Contract Rate Oversights

Because there are so many terms that can influence the cost of your shipping it’s easy to overlook things that can end up costing your business more than you anticipated. The various surcharges that can impact your shipments tend to be the most common oversight. Surcharges can happen once a package moves into a different zone, into a residential area, the list goes on. It’s a lot to understand and keep track of but surcharges can have a costly impact if the right strategies aren’t put into place and your rates aren’t negotiated properly.

Experience Is Gold

Shipping and carrier contract negotiation might be new to many business owners but it’s just another day at the office for us. Having an experienced partner to take charge of negotiations will give you the best rate results possible. ShipSigma knows what to look for within your contract and how to navigate within different carriers’ worlds. Contact us today and use our experience to your advantage.

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