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Know Your Savings Before You Negotiate

Cut parcel shipping costs without lifting a finger. ShipSigma’s tech and techniques help high-volume, UPS and FedEx parcel customers save big without changing carrier service levels.

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  3. Instantly see how much you could save

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Charles R.

Director of Global Logistics

Cost reconciliation and reporting was a big reason why we signed up for ShipSigma. Everything's just so easy to use.

Paul H.


Our previous freight auditing company only secured half of the savings that ShipSigma finds and delivers back to our UPS account each week.

Julie F.


ShipSigma noticed 60% of our shipments could have travelled ground arriving the same day. ShipSigma saves us money in many ways we'd otherwise miss.

Sheela M.


Even though we didn’t end up working together, I know I can trust them, and will likely work with them in the future. Super refreshing to experience honest and fair business!

Brad M.


Until ShipSigma, we had no idea of the unfair market we were playing in. ShipSigma leveled the playing field and found us nearly 25% in savings.

Matt K.

Logistics Manager

We thought we had a good understanding of our shipping until ShipSigma. The insights and analytics have given us visibility we've always wanted.

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Parcel & Freight Contract Negotiation

Our AI-powered platform is fueled with a network of data from over a billion in shipping spend to guarantee your carrier savings instantly.

  • Instantly know your savings before you negotiate
  • We guarantee an actual savings number, not a “range”
  • End-to-end white-glove service available



Know Your Savings Before You Negotiate

Create a free account, connect your UPS or FedEx account, and see exactly how much you could save before negotiating your carrier contracts.
  • Your savings amount is guaranteed
  • Avoid a time consuming process
  • Fueled by a network of over a Billion in shipping spend

We Guarantee Your Contractual Savings to the Penny

Our AI-powered platform is fueled by a network of intelligence from over a Billion of shipping spend to instantly and accurately predict your savings down to the penny. It works so well that we guarantee it.

  • Machine learning on over a Billion of shipping spend
  • Largest network of shipping intelligence
  • Instant savings within minutes, and its guaranteed





White-Glove Service Available

We're experts in carrier contract negotiation, we do it every single day, and our AI-powered platform drives insights from over a Billion of shipping spend.  We know exactly:

  • What to ask for, when to ask, and how to ask for it
  • How much you can save, before we negotiate
  • How your rates stack up
  • Contractual rate simulation

Know Your Savings Before You Negotiate

  • Create a free ShipSigma account
  • Sync your UPS or FedEx invoices
  • Instantly see how much you could save

You can know your savings without ever talking to a salesperson if you'd like.