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Start Saving Now


with ShipSigma

Businesses that partner with ShipSigma expand their market reach, shorten their sales cycle, and save their customers an average of 25% on annual shipping costs. 

Do you have a customer that you think could profit from the ShipSigma solutions? Introduce us! If they sign, you’ll reap the benefits.

We partner with great businesses with a common goal of optimizing supply chain spending. Do you have a customer that you think could profit from the ShipSigma solutions? Introduce us! If they sign, you’ll reap the benefits.

Partnership Benefits

ShipSigma has built a thriving ecosystem of partners. With offerings from carrier contract negotiation to parcel invoice auditing, shipping analytics, and beyond, ShipSigma's partners extend both their reach and value by broadening their offerings and increasing their revenue.


Extend Your Value Proposition

Provide your customers with unbeatable savings. Let ShipSigma help your UPS & FedEx parcel customers save big without changing carriers or service levels.


Best-in-Class Incentive Plans

We combine the best products, services, and commissions to make your decision easy, giving you revenue to invest back into your company or your people.


Differentiate From Competitors

Over 300 combined years of carrier pricing expertise, over 100 combined years of carrier contract negotiation experience, and a shipping savings guarantee.


No Risk Savings Solution

Close more deals and shorten your sales cycle by providing guaranteed time and monetary savings through a no-risk savings analysis.


Improve Customer Retention

Help customers manage their bottom line by saving them an average of 25% on annual shipping costs.


Executive Level Support

We'll provide branded marketing materials and live dashboard access to track your deals and make sure you have everything you need to be successful.

How Does It Work?

At ShipSigma, we do all the heavy lifting. Simply ask your potential customers three questions:

  1. Do you ship with UPS or FedEx?
  2. Do you spend more than $1M doing so?
  3. Are they a member of the C-Suite or a  Decision Maker with P&L responsibilities?

If they answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then they are the perfect candidate!

Simply introduce your potential customer to your assigned rep, and that's it. We'll provide you with all the marketing material needed to drive high-level interest to make your role as easy as possible, and keep you up to date on the progress of your introductions through recurring touchpoints and checkins.



Types of Partners



An ambassador recruits, builds, develops, and manages a partner channel. 

They participate in weekly meetings with the Vice President of Partnerships and Chief Revenue Officer to review the pipeline and discuss future partnerships. Ambassadors receive a recurring commission for every deal produced within their channel.



A partner team is a company that has multiple sales reps working to get ShipSigma referrals.

The partner company executive will
meet with the Vice President of Partnerships and Chief Revenue Officer to discuss expectations and results for their team. ShipSigma will pay a recurring commission to the partner company to be divided amongst the individual sales reps.



A partner individual acts on their own to bring in referral opportunities to ShipSigma.

The Partner Individual will have access to our Vice President of Partnerships and Chief Revenue Officer
for ongoing support. Partners will receive a recurring commission for every deal they produce.

Active Partner Industries

Logistics Management

Providing customized logistics solutions for parcel,  freight, warehousing, drayage, intermodal, truckload, and LTL.

Communication Management

Providing custom-tailored communication solutions to keep businesses connected and safe.

Business Advisors

Offering training and consulting in sales, services, and operations to improvae profitability and operations.

E-Commerce Experts

Building great products and great customer experiences for e-commerce brands.

Packaging Solutions

Industry experts offering solutions in packaging, line productivity, automation, and integration


Leveraging data and technology to maximize shipping efficiency for 3PL's, brokers, and shippers.

Supply Chain Optimization

Helping companies gain insight into existing supply chain costs and streamline procurement processes to avoid profit leaks.

Business Technology Solutions

Improving your business efficiency by optimizing the tech you have, eliminating the excess, and creating an improvement roadmap that grows with you. 


Let’s Work Together

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ShipSigma Partner

If you’ve got decades of supply chain experience, or if you just happen to know a few people in the industry, we would love to hear from you. Just fill out the form and click submit to speak directly with our executive team.

Why ShipSigma?

Our proprietary cost modeling is built into an easy-to-use online platform that sets the industry standard for the small parcel market by providing advanced, enterprise-level solutions for all businesses.


Companies Served


Saved For Our Customers


Average Cost Savings



We are hyper-focused on small parcel. We have 250+ years of combined experience with the major shipping carriers within their pricing, finance, and business development functions.


Data Driven Technology

Our industry-leading proprietary technology highlights specific savings areas based on each customer's unique shipping characteristics. This technology, fueled by over $1Billion of live market data, shows the best small parcel rates in the country.


No Operational Change

Our customers save an average of 25% on shipping costs without having to change carriers or service levels. We pride ourselves in being an extension of our customer's teams, helping them see improved P&L, improved EBIDTA, and additional savings to be allocated within their budgets.