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ShipSigma's tech-powered proven process helps customers reduce shipping costs without changing carriers or service levels. It's so good, we guarantee it.




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Our proprietary cost modeling is built into an easy-to-use online platform that sets the industry standard for the small parcel market by providing advanced, enterprise-level solutions for all businesses.



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Contract Analysis, Negotiation, and Compliance Made Easy

Our best-in-class technology, powered by over $1Billion in live market data, has propelled us to be the industry leader in negotiation software and results. We help shippers, spending $100K to $100M annually, put an objective eye on their bottom line by cutting shipping costs faster, deeper, and easier than they could on their own.



Carrier Contract Negotiation

We analyze your raw invoice data by comparing your unique shipping characteristics to the carrier’s profitability metrics to help you secure a new carrier agreement.


Weekly Parcel Invoice Audit

Our ongoing weekly invoice audit automatically provides savings on lost and damaged shipments by filling claims through our platform.


Shipping Insights & Analytics

You’ll have access to our online tools that provides reporting and key information about your shipping characteristics.

Case Studies

At ShipSigma, we pride ourselves on our strong values of being resourceful and committed to winning for our customers. We provide a wide variety of solutions for shipping cost reduction opportunities. But, don’t take our word for it - discover for yourself how customers have successfully deployed our solutions.


How ShipSigma Leveraged Invoice Auditing to Further Shipping Savings for Customer

Key Outcomes:

$475,000 annualized savings through contract procurement & compliance

ShipSigma’s automated invoice audit platform secured over $70,000 in the first month through lost and damaged claims.

Less than 4 hours of time invested from beginning of relationship to value realized.

Filtration Company Partners with ShipSigma to get better rates beyond "the best rates"

Key Outcomes:

$700,000 annualized savings through contract procurement & compliance

Savings potential recognized within 48 hours of partnership

1/10th of time invested vs. internal RFQ

Manufacturing Company Improves Relationship with Carrier while ShipSigma helps find Shipping Savings

Key Outcomes:

$600,000+ annualized savings through contract procurement & compliance

Realized savings secured within 3 weeks

5 hours of customer time invested

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Reduce Your Shipping Costs

Unlock the value in your business. Our proprietary cost modeling software sets the standard for the freight and parcel market by providing advanced cost reduction solutions for all shippers.