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ShipSigma is the industry-leading platform with unmatched shipping insights, analytics, and cost savings, fueled by a network of data from over a Billion in shipping spend.

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Charles R.

Director of Global Logistics

Cost reconciliation and reporting was a big reason why we signed up for ShipSigma. Everything's just so easy to use.

Paul H.


Our previous freight auditing company only secured half of the savings that ShipSigma finds and delivers back to our UPS account each week.

Julie F.


ShipSigma noticed 60% of our shipments could have travelled ground arriving the same day. ShipSigma saves us money in many ways we'd otherwise miss.

Sheela M.


Even though we didn’t end up working together, I know I can trust them, and will likely work with them in the future. Super refreshing to experience honest and fair business!

Brad M.


Until ShipSigma, we had no idea of the unfair market we were playing in. ShipSigma leveled the playing field and found us nearly 25% in savings.

Matt K.

Logistics Manager

We thought we had a good understanding of our shipping until ShipSigma. The insights and analytics have given us visibility we've always wanted.

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Industry Leading Shipping Insights & Analytics

Our AI-powered technology is fueled with a network of data from over a Billion of shipping spend to guarantee your carrier savings in minutes.

  • Visibility and transparency, powered by data science
  • Actionable insights to help you realize cost savings
  • Predictive rate simulation and cost modeling





Visibility and Transparency Powered by Data Science

Gain instant shipping intelligence with actionable insights based on every package shipped compared to your contractual obligations and industry benchmarks.

  • 360-degree visibility of your spend
  • Easily drill-down into your parcel data
  • Actionable insights for savings

Actionable Insights to Help You Realize Cost Savings

Our AI-powered platform automatically claims refunds and credits you are owed, delivering your cost savings without the hassles.

  • Instant invoice audits
  • Automatic loss & damage filings
  • Fully automated credit refunds





Predictive Rate Simulation and Cost Modeling

Carrier agreement rate simulation and cost modeling provide unparalleled insights to help drive down your shipping costs

  • AI-powered rate simulation
  • Industry cost benchmarks
  • Contractual cost modeling

Experience the Future of AI-Powered Shipping Insights

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