Want Hours Of Time Back Every Week? Try These 15 Small Adjustments

May 18, 2022 ShipSigma

ShipSigma Co-Founder and CEO, Chase Flashman, was quoted in Forbes providing valuable insight into how to make the most of the time you have.


Small adjustments to your daily schedule can have a big impact on fighting these distractions. To help, a panel of Forbes Business Council members shared one thing busy people can do to take back several hours of time during their week. They offer tried-and-true advice that they’ve used to manage their workweeks productively, making the most of their time.

"The amount of time spent scrolling, playing games or watching videos to zone out from the day is astronomical. While having time to decompress is a must, we tend to get lost in it. You'd be surprised how much more present or effective you can become if you turn off the TV during dinner, keep your phone out of the bathroom or stop watching videos at the gym." - Chase Flashman


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