How To Create Decision-Making Processes That Prioritize Your Business's Values

July 18, 2022 ShipSigma

ShipSigma Co-Founder and President, Deyman Doolittle, was quoted in Forbes providing valuable insight on prioritizing company values.


Making decisions can involve a number of different factors that complicate the decision-making process. When an organization needs to make a move, having a clearly defined process for both critical and noncritical decisions is essential to keeping the business moving forward.

However, creating and implementing an effective decision-making process gets complicated when leadership has to consider the established values of the company, employees and the needs of customers. To help, experts from Forbes Business Council each share one approach leaders can use to implement a decision-making process that prioritizes the values of the organization.

"The leaders of an organization should embody the values of that organization. It shouldn't be a fight to develop a process that prioritizes the company values because the leadership team should inherently do that. When disagreements arise, talk through them, respect the other people in the room and develop solutions that best suit the company's needs" - Deyman DoolittleShipSigma

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