15 Simple Strategies For Staying In Touch With Your Customers

June 28, 2022 ShipSigma

ShipSigma Co-Founder and President, Deyman Doolittle, was quoted in Forbes providing valuable insight on staying connected your customers in a meaningful way.


Opening a line of communication between your team's leaders and its customers will help you to make any changes that may be necessary and ultimately expand your client base. But how do you maintain communication with customers to get their feedback? 

"There are endless methods to communicate with your customers, whether it’s through phone calls, email, social media, mail, live chat, etc. The channel you choose doesn't really matter; the message matters. Posting daily or emailing weekly is useless if you're not saying anything important. Keep your communication honest, accurate, positive and engaging. What you're saying matters more than where you're saying it." - Deyman DoolittleShipSigma

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