What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship a 25 Pound Box?

May 12, 2023 Chase Flashman

A 25-pound package could be anything from a set of dumbbells to a large watermelon. No matter what size parcel you are trying to ship, we don’t want you paying more than you have to. Read on to find out the cheapest way to ship a 25-pound box.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Ship a 25 LB Package?

In order to determine the cheapest way to ship a 25 lb package, we will look at the rates of shipping of different carriers, including UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

UPS Rates for Shipping a 25 LB Box

Shipping Service

Cost Range for 25 lb package

UPS Express Critical

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UPS Next Day Air Early


UPS Next Day Air


UPS Next Day Air Saver


UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.


UPS 2nd Day Air


UPS 3-Day Select


UPS Ground



With UPS, the cheapest service is UPS Ground, with rates starting at $17.32.

FedEx Rates for Shipping a 25 LB Box

Shipping Service

Cost Range for 25 lb package

FedEx First Overnight


FedEx Priority Overnight


FedEx Standard Overnight


FedEx 2Day A.M.


FedEx 2Day


FedEx Express Saver


FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery



The cheapest way to ship a 25 lb package with FedEx is FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery. Rates for those services start at $17.44.

USPS Rates for Shipping a 25 LB Box

Shipping Service

Cost Range for 25 lb package

Priority Mail Express


Priority Mail


USPS Retail Ground



As with UPS and FedEx, ground shipping is also the cheapest shipping method for USPS, with rates ranging from $26.40 to $81.25.

Overall, the cheapest shipping method for a 25 lb box is FedEx Ground.

Is It Cheaper to Use a Flat Rate Box or Your Own Box?

When it comes to shipping items, one of the decisions that you will need to make is whether to use a flat rate box or your own box. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, but cost is often the primary concern for many people.

What is a flat rate box?

A flat rate box is a type of shipping box that has a fixed rate for shipping, regardless of its weight or destination. This means that you can pack as many items as you can in the box without affecting the pre-determined shipping costs set by the carrier.

Flat-rate boxes come in different sizes, from extra small to extra large, in order to accommodate different kinds of shipments. The rates for flat rate boxes may vary depending on the size and type of the box, but they typically offer a cost-effective option for shipping heavier or larger items.

Flat rate boxes are carrier-approved and therefore are made of durable materials, such as cardboard or heavy-duty plastic.

The main advantage of using flat rate boxes is that they offer predictable pricing, which simplifies the shipping process by making it easier to calculate shipping costs in advance.

However, it's important to note that a flat rate box may not always be the most cost-effective option, especially for smaller or lighter items. For example, shipping a single piece of jewelry in a flat rate box, rather than an envelope, will have you pay more than is necessary.

Who Should Use a Flat Rate Box?

  1. Merchants who ship lots of small, heavy items - Using flat-rate boxes helps you avoid weight-based pricing which may have higher costs.

  2. Businesses that do in-house fulfillment - Packing using flat-rate boxes rather than your own boxes helps to simplify packaging and fulfillment while keeping costs low.

Who Should Use Their Own Boxes?

  1. Businesses that mostly ship locally - Flat-rate boxes are ideal for far-and-wide shippers since they can maximize the benefit of paying a flat rate no matter how far the shipping distance is. If you ship close to home, you’re better off using short-haul delivery services.

  2. Merchants that ship small, lightweight goods - Using flat-rate boxes for small items may have you paying more than you would have paid if you used custom packaging.

  3. Businesses that want to maximize brand visibility by using company-branded boxes.

Pros and Cons of Shipping With a Flat Rate Box



Fewer costs - Some carriers offer free flat-rate boxes, which go a long way in minimizing the costs of merchants. For example, FedEx offers free boxes when you use their Express services for flat-rate shipping.

Limited size options - Flat rate boxes come in predetermined sizes and shapes, which may not be suitable for larger or irregularly shaped items.

Simpler processing - You don’t need to measure the box and calculate dimensional weight since the dimensions and DIM weight of flat-rate boxes are already known by the carrier. You also don’t need to worry about your package being rejected due to the use of an un-machinable box.

Not ideal for small/light items - When shipping small items, other options like envelopes or tubes might be more cost-effective than flat-rate boxes.

Cost-effective for heavier items - Since the price of flat rate boxes is based on the size of the box, rather than the weight of the shipment, they can be a cost-effective option for shipping heavy or bulky items.

May lead to unsatisfied customers - If you’re a merchant offering only flat rate shipping, some customers who want faster delivery and those who want lower shipping rates may be unsatisfied.

Predictable pricing - Flat rate shipping helps you to plan your shipping costs in advance and avoid any unexpected charges.



Pros and Cons of Using Your Own Box



Customizable - When you use your own box, you can choose the size and shape of the box that best fits your item.

Time-consuming - Finding and preparing your own box for shipping can take more time and effort than using a pre-packaged box.

Environmentally friendly - You can use boxes from previous purchases to ship items, reducing the wastage of boxes.

Uncertain pricing - Custom box pricing is not as straightforward as flat-rate pricing since many factors such as size and weight have to be accounted for.

Brading opportunity - By using your own custom-made boxes you can add your company branding, thereby improving brand visibility.

Inconsistent quality - Not all boxes are made of the same materials or offer the same level of protection during shipping. Some boxes may not be approved by your carrier.


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