Unlocking Savings in Small Parcel Shipping: The Power of Third-Party Negotiators

November 2, 2023 Joe Jordan

The rise of e-commerce has elevated the urgency of efficiently managing small parcel shipping costs. Parcel spend management, which involves the strategic oversight of shipping expenses, is becoming the cornerstone of businesses worldwide. At the heart of this strategy is parcel management software. But beyond software, the human touch, particularly from third-party negotiators, is proving invaluable. Here's why. 


Understanding Parcel Contract Negotiation

Negotiation's Necessity: Securing a competitive parcel contract directly impacts a business's bottom line by ensuring cost-efficient operations. 

Pre-Negotiation Factors: Prioritize factors such as your shipment's frequency, destinations, package dimensions, and any seasonal fluctuations. 

Parcel contract negotiation is a process in which businesses negotiate with carriers to secure the best rates and terms for their small parcel shipping needs. This negotiation process involves careful research and analysis of carrier pricing structures, understanding business shipping data, and identifying key negotiation points and strategies. By effectively negotiating parcel contracts, businesses can unlock significant savings in their shipping expenses. This is achieved by securing lower rates, better terms, and additional value-added services from carriers.


The Power of Parcel Invoice Auditing:

Parcel invoice auditing is a practice that involves reviewing and analyzing parcel invoices to ensure their accuracy and identify potential cost savings. By conducting a thorough audit of invoices, businesses can catch billing errors, overcharges, and discrepancies between the actual shipping costs and the contract terms. This helps businesses reconcile their invoices with the negotiated rates and terms, ensuring that they are not overpaying for their small parcel shipping. Implementing processes to prevent future invoice errors is also crucial in optimizing small parcel shipping costs.


The Negotiation Blueprint: 

  1. Analyze Existing Data: Grasp your current shipping patterns and associated expenses. 
  2. Define Your Needs: Forecast future shipping volumes, drawing from past trends and upcoming business initiatives. 
  3. Survey Carrier Pricing: Familiarize yourself with different carriers' pricing models. 
  4. Harness Competitive Bidding: Obtain multiple quotes to ensure competitive pricing. 
  5. Dive into Negotiation: Armed with insights, negotiate for optimal rates and terms. 
  6. Document Decisions: Ensure every agreement made is captured in writing. 

If this feels overwhelming, it’s because it is. A good third-party negotiator, like ShipSigma, will handle all of this for you.  


The Third-Party Negotiators: Your Strategic Asset 

Who Are They? Third-party negotiators specialize in navigating the intricate world of shipping contracts. They bring to the table deep industry knowledge, insights, and negotiation expertise. 

The Undeniable Benefits: 

  1. Market Insights: They have a pulse on current market rates, ensuring you don't overpay. 
  2. Timesaving: Your team can focus on core operations while they handle the negotiation intricacies. 
  3. Optimized Rates: Their seasoned negotiation skills often yield better rates and terms. 
  4. Collaborating for Success: To get the best out of third-party negotiators, provide a clear picture of your shipping needs, share past data, and establish open communication channels. 
  5. Software Insights: Their parcel BI tools furnish businesses with actionable insights, helping identify savings opportunities. 
  6. Leveraging Software in Negotiations: Using data analytics to bolster your negotiation stance, third parties showcase informed decisions backed by data. 


White Glove Negotiation Service

Third-party negotiators like ShipSigma specialize in carrier negotiations and have the expertise to secure the best rates and terms for businesses in their small parcel shipping contracts. By outsourcing negotiation services to third-party experts, businesses can save time, leverage market insights, and benefit from the negotiation skills of experienced professionals. 

At ShipSigma, we ensure that businesses aren’t just cost-efficient but also strategically poised for growth. With over 300 customers served and 250+ years of industry experience, we lead with data. Our proprietary technology and proven processes help customers save an average of 25% on their annual shipping spend. Learn how you can unlock value in your business today.  

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