How Much Does It Cost to Ship a 50-Pound Box With UPS?

July 27, 2023 Chase Flashman

How much does it cost to ship a 50 pound box UPS


Curious about the cost of shipping a 50-pound box with UPS? In this blog, we'll explore the factors influencing the price and break down the costs to help you plan your shipments effectively and make informed decisions about shipping with UPS.

Does UPS Ship Over 50 Lbs?

Yes, UPS ships package that weigh more than 50 lbs. UPS’ standard small parcel shipping services ship packages weighing between 1 and 150 pounds. Packages over 150 pounds are considered ‘freight’ and are shipped through UPS freight services like LTL, FTL, or just standard freight shipping.

Note also that UPS may charge packages weighing over 70 pounds an added fee for heavy or large packages. In addition, UPS requires shippers to affix a bright yellow UPS ‘heavy package sticker’ to any packages weighing over 70 lbs (31.5 kgs).

Does UPS Ship Over 50 Lbs

How Do I Ship a 50-Pound Package?

Since a 50-pound package falls within the standard weight limit of 150 pounds, shipping it will follow the standard procedure outlined below. If you wanted to ship a package weighing more than 150 pounds, i.e., a freight shipment, you would need to follow UPS’ freight shipping procedure, which is usually more complex than standard shipping.

Shipping a 50-pound package follows the general process outlined below:

  1. Ordering the Shipment: Select the appropriate shipping service and provide the sender, recipient, and package content information. You will receive a tracking number to monitor the parcel's progress.
  1. Parcel Packaging: Properly package the items to ensure their protection during transit. Attach the shipping labels, including the recipient's address and any required customs documentation if shipping internationally.
  1. Pick-Up or Drop-Off: Drop off the properly packaged parcel at a designated shipping outlet or arrange for UPS to pick it up from your location.
  1. Sorting and Dispatch: The parcel will go through a sorting process based on its destination, and it will be placed on the appropriate outbound truck or shipment.
  1. Tracking: The shipping label's barcode is scanned at various checkpoints during transit, updating the parcel's status in the UPS tracking portal. Use the provided tracking number to monitor your package's location and estimated delivery date.
  1. Delivery: Once the package reaches the destination hub, it will be sent out for final delivery to the recipient's specified home or business address. You may inquire with the carrier about special delivery arrangements, such as Saturday delivery.

How Much Does UPS Charge to Ship 50 Pounds?

UPS, like other parcel carriers, has a wide range of services that cater to different shippers’ needs. From standard ground shipping to same-day services, you can deliver your package within your budget and timeline. The table below shows different UPS services and how much they cost to ship a 50-pound box.


Shipping service

Cost range to ship a 50 lb package


UPS Express Critical

Get a quote (The fastest and most expensive UPS service).

UPS Next Day Air Early


UPS Next Day Air


UPS Next Day Air Saver


UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.


UPS 2nd Day Air


UPS 3-Day Select


UPS Ground



(Check out UPS rate tables for more pricing details.)

If you require swift delivery for your 50-pound package and are willing to pay a higher cost, consider opting for express services such as UPS Next Day Air Early or UPS Next Day Air. In cases of utmost urgency, such as when shipping industrial spare parts or life-saving medication, UPS Express Critical is the optimal choice. Remember that custom rates for this service will need to be obtained directly from UPS.

Alternatively, if your priority is low prices and you are comfortable with a longer delivery timeframe of 2-5 days, UPS Ground provides the most affordable rates for your 50 lb package.

affordable rates for your 50 lb package

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