Can You Negotiate Rates With FedEx?

October 20, 2023 Joe Jordan

Can you negotiate rates with fedex

Relationship building is a crucial aspect of business, and this holds true even when dealing with carriers. The stronger your history with them, the greater the likelihood of enjoying valuable perks and discounts. So, the question begs, can you negotiate rates with FedEx to get better shipping prices?

In this blog, we'll delve into the possibility and techniques for negotiating rates with one of the largest carriers, FedEx.

Can You Negotiate Shipping Costs with Your Shipping Carrier?

Yes, carriers allow shippers to negotiate their shipping rates based on various factors like the volume of goods, long-standing relationships, etc.

Can You Negotiate Shipping Costs with Your Shipping Carrier

 Factors Affecting Shipping Cost Negotiability

  1. The volume of shipments: High shipping volume empowers your business in negotiations because carriers highly value high-volume customers for their revenue. Larger volumes enable carriers to achieve cost-saving economies of scale, encouraging them to offer discounted rates.
  2. Relationship with the Carrier: Long-term relationships with carriers can be advantageous. Carriers are often more open to negotiation with established partners who have a history of reliable payments and consistent shipping needs.
  3. Service Level Requirements: Different service levels (e.g., express, expedited, or standard) come with varying costs. Your flexibility in choosing a service level can impact your ability to negotiate favorable rates.
  4. Shipping Seasonality: Seasonal fluctuations in shipping demand can influence your negotiating power. During peak season surcharges, carriers may be less willing to negotiate, while off-peak times may offer more room for cost reduction.
  5. Carrier competition: The presence of other carriers offering competitive rates can improve your bargaining power and influence your carrier to offer better rates.
  6. Negotiation Skills: Preparation, confidence, and industry expertise are vital in rate negotiation. Sometimes, it's wise to collaborate with a third-party contract negotiation expert, especially if they have extensive experience handling carrier negotiations.

Can You Negotiate Rates With FedEx?

Yes, you can negotiate rates with FedEx, but the extent to which you can negotiate depends on the factors surrounding your shipping history with them, like volume and frequency.

When entering negotiations with a carrier like FedEx, a thorough analysis of your shipping account and contract is crucial. This detailed preparation empowers you with the maximum negotiation leverage possible, increasing your odds of securing favorable rates.

Are FedEx Rates Negotiable?

Yes, FedEx rates are negotiable. If you have leverage in terms of high volume or lower rates from other carriers, FedEx may offer your reduced shipping rates.

Are FedEx Rates Negotiable

Understanding the FedEx Contract Negotiation Process:

One of the first steps in the FedEx contract negotiation process is researching the FedEx contract negotiation template. This template outlines the common terms and conditions that are typically included in a FedEx contract. By familiarizing themselves with this template, contractors can gain insights into what to expect and identify potential areas for negotiation.

Another important step is analyzing sample contracts for additional insights. By studying sample contracts, contractors can gain a better understanding of the specific terms and conditions that have been negotiated by other contractors in the past. This information can help them identify potential negotiation points and develop a negotiation strategy.

Additionally, negotiation emails play a crucial role in the contract negotiation process. Crafting effective negotiation emails is essential for presenting your case and persuading FedEx to consider your proposed changes. These emails should be professional, assertive, and highlight the mutual benefits of reaching an agreement.


Tips for Negotiating Rates with FedEx:

When negotiating rates with FedEx, it is important to establish a baseline understanding of the FedEx pricing structure. This includes understanding how rates are calculated based on factors such as weight, destination, and service level.

There are several factors to consider when negotiating rates with FedEx. The volume and frequency of shipments can greatly impact your negotiation power. High shipping volumes can give you leverage in the negotiation process, as carriers value high-volume customers and may be more inclined to offer discounted rates.

Market competition and industry benchmarks are also important factors to consider. If other carriers are offering competitive rates, it can improve your bargaining power and make FedEx more willing to negotiate and offer better rates.

During rate negotiations, it is important to present a compelling case to FedEx. Highlighting the benefits for FedEx in offering competitive rates, such as increased business volume or long-term partnership, can help persuade them to consider your proposal. Additionally, demonstrating the value provided by your company, such as exceptional service or unique capabilities, can further strengthen your negotiation position.


When to Negotiate Your FedEx Rates

  1. Contract Renewals: When your existing FedEx contract is up for renewal, it's prime time to engage in negotiations. FedEx may be willing to offer improved rates to retain your business.
  2. New Business Relationship: When establishing a new business relationship with FedEx, whether as a startup or a growing company, negotiations can be more favorable. FedEx may offer competitive rates to attract and establish a long-term partnership.
  3. Off-Peak Shipping Season: Negotiating rates ahead of peak shipping seasons, such as the holiday season, can help you secure cost-effective shipping solutions during high-demand periods.
  4. Major Volume Increases: If your business experiences a sudden and significant increase in shipping volume, FedEx may be open to rate negotiations to accommodate your growing needs.
  5. Market Comparison: Continuously monitor and compare FedEx rates with competitors. Armed with this information, you can strategically approach FedEx, using competitive rates as a basis for negotiation.

What Is the Cheapest Rate for FedEx?

FedEx services are usually priced according to their delivery speed. Therefore, the Cheapest Rate for FedEx corresponds to the slowest FedEx service, which is FedEx Ground. You can see this illustrated in the table below.


FedEx Service


FedEx First Overnight

FedEx Priority Overnight

FedEx Standard Overnight

FedEx 2Day A.M.

FedEx 2Day

FedEx Express Saver

FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery

1–10 pounds








11–20 pounds


$62.53–$ 249.16


$36.28–$ 206.09




21–30 pounds


$78.85–$ 336.87






31–40 pounds




$74.31–$ 362.84


$61.81–$ 259.57


41–50 pounds




$94.83–$ 438.26




51–60 pounds








61–70 pounds









What Are FedEx Negotiated Rates?

FedEx Negotiated Rates are special shipping rates that FedEx offers to certain customers based on specific agreements or contracts that are created after negotiation. FedEx customizes these rates to the individual’s shipping specifics while maintaining profitability.

To qualify for FedEx Negotiated Rates, a business typically needs to meet these criteria:

    1. Significant shipping volume: The business should demonstrate a history of substantial shipping volume, indicating a consistent and substantial need for FedEx shipping services.
    2. Single carrier commitment: The business should commit to using FedEx as its primary or exclusive carrier for a specified portion of its shipping needs. This commitment helps FedEx ensure a certain level of business and predictability in shipping volume, which can justify offering negotiated rates.

How to Negotiate FedEx Shipping Rates?

A negotiation with FedEx or any other carrier typically follows the steps below.

How to negotiate shipping rates FedEx:

    1. Analyze Your Shipping Data: Evaluate your shipping history, volume, and needs to determine your negotiation leverage.
    2. Contact FedEx Sales Representative: Reach out to FedEx to discuss your interest in rate negotiation.
    3. Present Your Case: Provide your shipping data and explain why you deserve better rates. Emphasize your commitment to a long-term partnership.
    4. Negotiate Terms: Work with the FedEx representative to negotiate favorable terms, including discounts and service enhancements.
    5. Review the Agreement: Carefully review the negotiated agreement to ensure it aligns with your expectations.
    6. Implement and Monitor: Once the agreement is in place, implement it in your shipping processes and regularly monitor its performance.

How to Negotiate FedEx Shipping Rates

To successfully negotiate rates with FedEx, you need to prepare properly. Use the following tips to make sure you have the best chance of walking away with reduced rates:

  • Leverage bulk shipments: Use your history of shipping large volumes with FedEx as a bargaining tool.
  • Pool shipping volume: Small businesses and individuals with limited shipping volume can access lower rates by joining shipping pools or co-ops and negotiating collectively based on combined volume.
  • Build a relationship: Cultivate a strong relationship with FedEx through consistent communication and timely payments
  • Be flexible: Be open to slower delivery services or off-peak delivery times, which cost less.
  • Consider long-term contracts: Extended commitments can lead to lower rates as carriers like FedEx value such partnerships.
  • Shop around: Obtain quotes from other carriers like UPS and leverage these quotes during negotiations. If one carrier offers a better rate, you can ask FedEx to match or surpass it.

Another Way To Negotiate FedEx Rates: FedEx Great Rates

Instead of initiating direct negotiation, you can also get discounted last-minute rates using FedEx’s Great Rates Hotline. Simply call the FedEx great rates number: 1.877.463-7408, share the details of your shipment, and wait to receive a quote in your email.

Other than calling the FedEx Great Rates phone number, you can also request a quote by sending a form to the FedEx Great Rates email on the page linked above.


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